September 15, 2019

Episode 97 - Who Stole Henry Winkler? feat. Anthony De Angelis and EJ5000

After his beloved Mama suddenly passes (half-way through our first big musical number) a sheltered, damaged man-child played by Bobby Moynihan must leave home for the first time to find his purpose and also the Fonz! He meets up with a con man played by Steve Buscemi, they trek across the country to find/kidnap/save Henry Winkler, and they both learn a few valuable life lessons along the way. 

We're joined by guests Anthony De Angelis and EJ5000, the host and producer of Let Me Ask You A Question and we also wrote and recorded a song for this one:

When I Meet The Fonz - by Anthony De Angelis and Sean Arawjo (Piano by Anthony, Flute and Saxophones by Sean, Drums and Bass by Dave Trum, Vocals by Dan Pardo)

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