March 29, 2019

Episode 93 - Raunchy Violet Monster Lads Need to Change feat. Anthony De Angelis and EJ5000

This is the second episode in our crossover series with the Let Me Ask You A Question Podcast (no, you didn't miss one; we're posting this first because writing songs about Fonzie takes longer than you might think... DEAL with it)! ANYWAY, you may have guessed this is another of those each-person-says-a-random-word-to-create-a-title ones. GREAT JOB! 

We cast Danny DeVito as the headmaster of a reform school where Violet Raunchy-Monsters go to learn to become raunchier and therefore uglier.

LMAYAQ boys Host Anthony and Producer EJ5000 bring you their own brand of raunch every week on Let Me Ask You A Question. Check them out on iTunes or at Moot.TV!

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