July 27, 2020

Episode 103 -The Side Effect feat. Andrew Lowy

SCIENCE SAYS We all need to be afraid

SCIENCE SAYS We need to give up our freedoms

THE CDC SAYS it's NOT going to magically go away

but oh wait, all of a sudden they've found the VACCINE??

How convenient...

Oh yeah, and there's just one side effect: you'll lose ALL YOUR HAIR.... Well Harvey (played by holographic Jim Varney) and his luscious locks aren't buying it. He has a feeling his sister (holographic Carrie Fisher) and her lifelong jealous streak might be targeting him again.
It's the Oscar-worthy movie that Jim Varney deserved and never got!


We welcome back our very first guest Andrew Lowy, talk about what he's been up to and recommend some stellar movies including Uncut Gems, Rockadoodle, and Velocipastor.


Check out Andrew's Blog: Theatre 2050

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